Diet is an important element of any oncological therapy. Therefore, in this sense, we are not particularly in favor of the alkaline diet, as we believe that no matter how much alkaline food is introduced, an alkalosis of the environment cannot be achieved, since the buffer system of the blood neutralizes it immediately and does not allow it to counteract the acidic environment in which the tumor cells live.

However, it has been proven that the ketogenic diet, based on ketone fats, is significantly more effective. There have been multiple studies published on this subject.

In addition to the diet, the lifestyle that the patient leads and the degree of stress that the patient is under are fundamental. Therefore, these two points should be extensively addressed in order to lead a healthy, calm and stress-free life as much as possible.

We recommend the book by Alicia Artigas and the oncologist Dr Santos Martin that you can see in the attached photo, its reading is very interesting and necessary.

Naturally, there are also many other books involving the ketogenic diet that you can choose to read instead of this one.

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