In the same act in which the cryoablation is performed, the immunotherapy drugs are injected into the tumor in very low doses, thanks to which the possible side effects are much lower and milder than when the same drugs are administered intravenously.

Intratumoral Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy provides the tools for the immune system of the sick patient to learn how to attack the cancer cells.

Immunotherapy provides the tools for the immune system of the sick patient to learn how to attack cancer cells.

By directly injecting anticancer drugs into tumors, the increase in response is much more significant and side effects are considerably reduced.

Immunotherapy harnesses immune cells to treat a wider range of cancers, and can deal with both early and late stage cancer.

These immunotherapeutic drugs, when administered inside the tumor, aim to achieve an intense stimulation of the patient's own immune system so that all other tumors or metastases existing in the patient's body are attacked and destroyed by it. This is called the ABSCOPAL effect (the ABSCOPAL effect does not occur in all cases) which is produced by the release of specific antigens from the tumor cells when they are destroyed by cryoablation and immunotherapy drugs.

However, it is also possible and increasingly frequent to inject immunotherapy drugs intratumorally without prior cryoablation.

Since the immune system has already recognized these foreign antigens within the treated tumor, it performs the same function of recognition and destruction of tumor antigens in the rest of the tumors in the body that have not been treated with cryoablation or injected with immunotherapeutics.

Fortunately, many studies (clinical trials) underway worldwide are being conducted with intratumorally administered drugs

See with the keywords: intratumoral, cancer, immunotherapy.

Specifically, a clinical trial with intratumoral drug administration has already been carried out at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid (Spain) and a Phase I clinical trial with intratumoral drugs has just started at the Bellvitge University Hospital.

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