This is one of the latest and most important discoveries in this field. It is not yet widely available to the scientific community and humanity for legal reasons, but its efficacy is beyond doubt.

Dr. Ko is the discoverer of it at John Hopkins University of Pennsylvania USA, and it is expected to be available soon to the medical and health community worldwide.


The administration of this excellent drug, not yet authorized or marketed, but available on the market, must be carefully carried out. It can be administered intravenously, but it must contain a series of substances to compensate or neutralize its acidity so that it is well accepted by the organism.

* Intratumoral application: performed by an interventional radiologist. We have experience using this administration route with several patients, with about thirty intrahepatic administrations and very acceptable results: decrease in size of the tumors and disappearance of pain in some cases.

In some special cases of a specific type of hepatic cholangioma, there has been a different reaction to the one described earlier, with a very painful and negative experience rather than a decrease in pain.

It can also be used through venous catheterization. Although there is no wide experience, there is a published case, specifically in the liver, with a very positive result in the case of a patient affected by lamellar hepatocarcinoma.


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Side effects

We accompany and focus on the fact that the cause of cancer, rather than a genetic mutation of the chromosomes, is described in the theory of the Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg in 1931, an eminent German biochemist. He demonstrated that it was the mitochondria of the cytoplasm that were damaged, damaged, deformed, decreased in number and then gave way to a genetic alteration of the chromosomes.

His main discovery was to verify that tumor cells use the anaerobic pathway to ferment glucose, in what is called an "anaerobic" glycolysis, and that through this pathway they only obtain one molecule of ATP for each molecule of glucose or sugar they consume. ATP is adenosine triphosphate, which is the molecular unit of energy used by any living cell, whether cancerous or human.

Normal, healthy cells obtain between 23 and 46 molecules of ATP for each molecule of glucose or sugar they consume, i.e. 23 to 46 times more energy than a tumor cell. This is the explanation of why cancer patients with tumors lose so much weight, because all the energy of all the glucose that the human body produces or that is ingested, is devoured by it to survive.

NOTES: In the German press, on the internet, there are articles on 3 deaths due to the misuse of this drug by an alleged German therapist who did not even have the title of Clinical Assistant, let alone the title of doctor or nurse. Obviously, apart from the fact that they were terminally ill patients, it seems that there was an inappropriate use in terms of dosage and route of administration, so no one need have any kind of problem or fear of this drug as long as it is properly used in the correct doses as prescribed by Dr. Ko in her publications.

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