It has no side effects of any kind, except for the chills and fever that occur during its administration, which are nothing more than a clear and reliable sign of the strong stimulation of the immune system that occurs.

In 70% of the cases there is an intense reduction of pain, or even its complete disappearance.

In 1890, Dr. William B. Coley (1862-1936) learned from a cancer patient that their remission was caused by high fevers due to erysipelas (a bacterial infection of the upper layer of the skin and lymphatic tract). Coley discovered through research that Robert Koch, Louis Pasteur and Emil von Behring had also described similar cases after erysipelas was diagnosed. In 1891 he injected a cancer patient - an Italian immigrant, about 35 years old, who had already been operated on twice due to relapses and who, according to the prognosis, only had a few weeks of life expectancy - with erysipelas bacteria of the Streptococcus pyogenes type, directly into the tumor. Coley repeated the procedure for several months and the tumor subsided. The patient survived for another 8 years. At a later date, Coley used a mixture (Coley's toxin) of dead Streptococcus pyogenes and Serratia marcescens bacteria, along with active endotoxins in the tumors. In cases of soft tissue sarcoma, Coley achieved a 10% success rate with his method.

Dr. William B. Coley is considered the father of cancer immunotherapy.

Coley's toxin is not manufactured by any laboratory because its patent is free and it is not profitable for manufacturers. It is unheard of that a "drug" as effective as this and discovered last century is not manufactured and sold by any laboratory in the world.

There is an excellent book that explains in great detail how to manufacture this great immunotherapeutic.

In the photographs below you can see how a patient affected by breast adenocarcinoma with 2 positive lymph nodes in the right armpit had a decrease in the size of her breast tumor of approximately 65%. Compare photos. The patient received a preparation based on IM urea called RAYV 966 for 5 days, RAYV 966 which in the patient's own words and in my professional opinion produced a reduction of the tumor mass of approximately 20%. On the 6th day, she began treatment with Coley's toxin daily from Monday to Friday for 3 weeks, plus rectal ozone 200cc daily and a weekly dose of vitamin C of 50 grams IV.

toxina de Coley

3 days before discharge, she received an intratumoral dose in the breast with 4 immunotherapy drugs.

This set of treatments has so far given a very positive result, with a tumor reduction of 65% in less than 41 days, both in the breast and in the axillary lymph nodes (there were 2 nodes and one of them, the smallest, is no longer palpable).

We are simultaneously using Dr. Sinforiano Posadas' (INBIOMITER) Immune Boosting Serum and Coley's toxin.

After being discharged from our center with a tumor reduction in both breast and axillary level of approximately 65%, she received 2 single doses of chemotherapy, producing a complete disappearance of the breast tumor mass and 90% in the axillary nodes after a month and a half. The CT scan showed only 2 retropectoral nodes and one axillary node.

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