Integrative Oncology clinic

Our clinic was the first in Spain to carry out a Breast Cancer Screening campaign in the 90s. We organized campaigns of early diagnosis of breast cancer, in the towns of Alfafar (Valencia), and Paiporta (Valencia).

We believe that intratumoral immunotherapy will sooner or later cure the vast majority of cancers.

The fight against cancer dates back to time immemorial, and at the current moment we are living in, an encouraging option has emerged: intratumoral immunotherapy-cryoablation.

This revolutionary approach considers parts of the tumor as the solution. In simpler words, intratumoral immunotherapy means injecting anticancer antibodies directly into the tumors, thus obtaining a very significant increase in the response rate and a significant reduction in the adverse effects of the drugs themselves.

This revolutionary therapy opens the door to a broad spectrum of cancer patients. The elimination of a single tumor through the technique of cryoablation + intratumoral immunotherapy allows the specific antigens of the cancer cells to be recognized “for the first time" by the patient's own immune system, thus triggering the so-called ABSCOPAL effect, through which the patient's immune system attacks and destroys the rest of the existing tumors regardless of where they are located. This results in a cure that is usually definitive and, in some cases, temporary.

Fortunately, almost all of the studies (clinical trials) underway worldwide are now conducted with drugs administered intratumorally.

Specifically, a clinical trial with intratumoral drug administration has already been carried out at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid (Spain) and a Phase I clinical trial with intratumoral drugs has just begun at the Bellvitge University Hospital.