With radiation therapy we can eliminate or destroy cancer cells, slow tumor growth while limiting damage to nearby healthy tissue. The goal of this treatment is to attack the cancer cells that remain after an initial treatment.

If the cancer is not completely destroyed, we can use radiotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor and alleviate the symptoms of the treatment.

Radiation therapy is a locally applied treatment as opposed to chemotherapy which exposes the entire body to cancer-fighting drugs, so it is important that the radiation be targeted specifically to the cancer.

Radiotherapy in very low doses 2-3 greys and in a reduced number of sessions has demonstrated in both preclinical studies in animals and in humans a certain immunostimulant efficacy that sometimes leads to the so-called abscopal effect.

When administered in low but repeated doses, it is not incompatible with intratumoral treatments, since when administered in this way it also has a stimulating effect on the patient's immune system.

This treatment will depend on the final decision made by the radiotherapy service of the hospital where the patient is referred for treatment.

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