Metronomic chemotherapy is the term used when the different chemotherapy drugs are administered in small doses of low intensity, so that the side effects are very slight or almost non-existent and, therefore, this treatment can be considered for longer periods of time, and toxicity is minimal.

As this method is applied in low doses, there is less risk of adverse reactions, which allows us to administer a treatment in a more continuous manner being equally effective and with less toxicity.

This type of chemotherapy has been demonstrated to have an immunostimulatory effect on the patient, which is not incompatible with intratumoral treatment with immunotherapeutics.

Metronomic chemotherapy improves the patient's quality of life by using substances that are available as generics, so the cost of treatment is significantly lower.

The aim of this chemotherapy is to prevent the reproduction of cancerous cells. Nowadays, metronomic chemotherapy is used as the last therapeutic method when other treatment options have been exhausted, but researchers consider that it could be applied in earlier stages.

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